RECONCILE ( settle, resolve <reconcile differences>
: to make consistent or congruous <reconcile an ideal with reality> 
AMS Reconciliation Letters are performed only by our most seasoned Certified Residential Appraisers. (Who average over 12 + years of experience and Complete ONLY review and reconciliation services).
It is not unusual for a loan file to contain multiple appraisals, one or more field reviews, a rebuttal letter or two, and maybe a BPO. Many of these reports offer a differing opinion of value, and view of the subject’s market. 
An AMS Reconciliation Letter is designed to add clarity to multiple contrasting reports. We carefully examine the competing valuation reports, and carefully analyze each for accuracy, clarity, oversights and misrepresentation. After a thorough analysis, and independent verification of market activity and conditions, the findings are presented in an easy to understand format. Each letter follows a standardized format, for ease of understanding by the user, yet each letter is as individual and unique as the property that is under review. Each Reconciliation Letter concludes with a straight forward, market based conclusion.  

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