The Collateral Risk Assessment is a proven and affordable “First Look” review used to determine the level of risk and exposure the client has in an individual property, based on the initial collateral valuation. 
Real estate markets are vibrant, complicated, and evolving. They are subjective and very micro in terms of their economics. AMS believes the best way to understand these markets are to examine them in detail, using experienced, skilled appraisers with geographical competency.
Customized versions of our Collateral Risk Assessment report have been proven by use with MI companies and GSE’s to determine initial risk, and to successfully identify properties that were eligible for re-purchase.
The Collateral Risk Assessment involves an initial review and screening of the subject using proprietary process and a recommendation based on a HIGH / MODERATE / LOW risk rating.
Our Collateral Risk Assessment report is available to ascertain risk associated with individual properties, or “pools”.

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